Melanie Elkin

Melanie Elkin

Melanie Elkin, 200 hour RYT, is deeply devoted to the practice of Yoga and to passionately weaving in teachings of self love and self care into each of her offerings/classes. In addition to teaching at Yoga Soup she is also the creator and founder of her yoga coaching business Yoga’licious, where through group programs, retreats, stewarding big events, and private programs she passionately teaches women how to come home to themselves; learning how to listen and love their bodies and themselves (on and off the mat).

For years Melanie had struggled with her own body image and eating disorder issues, yet 14 years ago she decided to chose life and radically began to shift how she talked to herself, moved her body, and nurtured herself. When she found yoga, it was an opening, and a space of remembering that brought her back to her own essence and truth (and it’s always a lifelong journey of discovery). Since then she has dedicated herself to supporting other to reconnecting to their own essentially beautiful Selves. She has spent thousands of hours learning and studying in the field of yoga and somatic coaching with a variety of teachers including Saul David Raye, Elena Brower, Baron Baptiste, Katie Hendricks, and many more. Her commitment as a teacher is also to be a life long student.

Her intention for every class she teaches is to create a safe and sacred space for you to give yourself full permission to explore, play, and express the full range of your expression. She doesn’t do quick fixes or cookie cutter yoga routines but instead guides you to create something that honors you, your body, and everything else that you do in your life!

In her words, “Come as you are! You are not a project to be fixed or figured out. The beauty of the practice is that it gives you the space to come as you are an explore what wants to emerge for you from that space.”

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