Life After Heartbreak

Life After Heartbreak

with Jacqueline Robertson
Sunday, February 23 / 2-4pm
$35 in advance / $40 day of


What if… the person you are feeling heartbroken about right now, represents a deeper wound to unresolved loss and unmet biological, survival and attachment bonding needs from early life?

 What if… the gut-wrenching pain you are experiencing right now from your relationship ending was actually an opportunity to develop an incredible, powerful and unbreakable relationship with yourself?

 What if… the broken heart was actually the heart breaking OPEN – a chance to change your love compass and experience nurturing, kind and safe love relationships.

Breakups and divorce – relationship endings can feel like a tsunami of grief, loss and even evoke feelings of suicide. The loss of love can evoke deep primal pain that we didn’t even know existed… 

 Whether we have decided to end the relationship or our partner has left us, this kind of loss can throw us into childlike, irrational and extreme behavior and feelings.

This may leave us feeling hopeless, ashamed and wondering how to put the shattered pieces of our heart back together. 

Whether your relationship has just ended, is on the verge or you have been stuck in heartbreak for months or years, this workshop is designed to help you move forward from your loss and begin the process of reclaiming your heart, one piece at a time.


If This Sounds Familiar to You:

-You are in so much pain, you find it difficult to make it through the day and even feel death would be better at times

-You feel alone, anxious and insecure in love and “lose yourself” in relationships

-You fall for the same kind of person over and over – charming, conceited and unavailable, ending in chaotic pain

-You end up in love relationships that are fast and furious, but quickly fizzle

-You stay in relationships with abusive people and feel you can’t survive on your own

-You have jumped from relationship to relationship and yet, never feeling quite satisfied and always looking for more love.

-You feel insecure, needy and unworthy of love.

-You fear that once your partner gets to know the “real you” they will leave

-You hold a deep fear of abandonment and tell yourself “everyone leaves”

-You’re not looking for a quick fix solution and are ready to commit to your inner work

-You know somewhere deep inside of you, it is you that holds the key to your heart…

Then Join Us To:

-Understand the basic principles and science of attachment theory: attachment styles, relational dynamics and why we choose the type of partners we do

-Learn about withdrawal and why withdrawal can occur after a relationship ends, even if you no longer wanted to be in the relationship

-Understand the process of grief, loss and abandonment after heartbreak

-Understand the connection between early childhood relational trauma, unresolved grief and heartbreak

-Create supportive and practical coping skills to manage your heart pain and continue moving forward in your life

-Develop a relationship with your wounded child and learn how to parent yourself

-Re-create a stronger sense of self

-Reclaim the key to your heart

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As an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, Jacqueline’s primary areas of focus include: attachment trauma, anxious attachment, insecurities in love, divorce, breakups, relationship issues, heartbreak, anxiety, depression, life transitions, trauma, abuse, grief and loss and self-esteem.

A key component of her work is working with women, men and couples, helping them to gain clarity as to how their attachment bonds with primary caregivers in the first five years of life have deeply influenced their ability to be in romantic partnership. If we did not receive the love, safety and connection we all require as children to develop a healthy sense of self-worth, it can vastly affect unhealthy patterns in adulthood relationships.

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