Introduction to Relational Gestalt Practice

Introduction to Relational Gestalt Practice

with Dorothy Charles
Friday-Sunday September 27-29
$275 in advance / $300 day-of
Very limited space available!

Meeting dates + times
09/27 Friday: 7:30p-10p
09/28 Saturday: 1p-8p
09/29 Sunday: 12p-5p

Our sense of who we are develops in our connection with others. At times, our connections with other people may leave us with the belief that we are somehow flawed, not enough or too much. These beliefs can be changed in a group that meets our needs for attunement and understanding and which is committed to practicing kindness, acceptance and honesty.

Experiencing and expressing emotions are integral to being alive. Learning to fully experience feelings and express them in healthy ways enables us to have more pleasurable and fulfilling relationships. We cannot change the past. We can change what we have come to believe about our capacity for love and belonging.

In an atmosphere of mutual support, we will seek to learn skills to improve contact with each other, develop and track awareness of our emotions and corresponding sensations, learn and practice communicating needs effectively, and discover issues that are diminishing the quality of our lives.

The weekend will include time for basic practice, continuum of awareness, as well as a mixture of didactic and experiential exercises. We will experiment with tracking emotions as sensations and learn to recognize them as signals calling for awareness and attention, rather than problems to be avoided.

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Dorothy has been a Gestalt practitioner since 1985. She began her work at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and now practices in Santa Cruz, California. Dorothy is the co-founder of Tribal Ground Circle, an educational community studying and practicing Gestalt Awareness Practice, Relational Gestalt Practice, and other work evolving from the lineage of Richard Price, gestalt teacher and co-founder of Esalen Institute. She has led workshops and training groups at Esalen since 1985 and continues to practice there. Dorothy received her training at Esalen with Richard and Christine Price, and at the Pacific Gestalt Institute in Los Angeles, California, with Lynne Jacobs and Gary Yontef. In addition to the workshops and trainings she offers with Christine Price in Aptos, CA, Dorothy also teaches regularly in China and Japan, and has led workshops in Taiwan, Greece, Spain, and the UK.

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