Ignite 2020 5Rhythms Dance

Ignite 2020 5Rhythms Dance

Ignite 2020 5Rhythms Dance

with Kiaora Fox & Heeraa Sazevich
Tuesday, December 31 / 9-12:30 am
$40 before December 16/ $50 after


Ignite 2020 

Celebrate this New Year’s Eve in conscious dance and ritual, lovingly releasing the past year and moving into limitless possibility and creativity.

Come dressed to MOVE as the Intention you are planting: Abundance, Love, Peace, More Free Time, Authenticity, Commitment to Health….

Held by the safe and spacious container of the 5Rhythms® movement practice, this event is open to ALL levels of experience and abilities and is Intoxicant-Free. With the intention to let go of our past trials and honor our joys, we catalyze our moving forward unencumbered into 2020. Together we will Ignite and welcome what we are calling into our lives, dancing into our bodies and beings the resonance of what will propel us into the New Year. Deliciously eclectic music takes you on a deep transformational journey.


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About the Facilitators:
Kiaora Fox is a 5RTA certified 5Rhythms Waves level teacher and Ecstatic Dance DJ. She has been studying embodiment and offering catalyzing healing touch, movement and meditative practices for over 23 years. Her purpose in being a 5Rhythms teacher is to guide dancers into greater awareness, freedom and joy.
Heeraa Sazevich is a 5RTA certified 5Rhythms Heartbeat level teacher and Ecstatic Dance DJ,
founder of Ecstatic Dance Hawaii. She has 15 years experience facilitating conscious dance
practices and travels to teach and DJ globally.www.5rhythms-heeraa.com

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