Holistic Nourishment: free monthly talks

Holistic Nourishment: free monthly talks

with Britta G.
Saturday, July 1 / 1-2 pm


How do you feed yourself?
In these playful inquiries led by heart-based nourishment coach Britta G, we’ll explore a range of topics, including:

  • nutritional habits and inclinations
  • movement and exercise
  • social life and relationships
  • vocational endeavors
  • spiritual practices

Come join the conversation and leave feeling both thoughtful and empowered as you actively shift and shape your perspective on the definition of “healthy.”

Meets one Saturday per month.


July 1: EFFORTLESS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: how listening to our bodies yields lasting results.

August 12: HOLISTIC SKIN CARE: how to feed our flesh naturally.

September 2: MOVEMENT MEDICINE: how to find our ideal exercise prescription.

October 28: REDUCING TOXINS: how to clean up our bodies, our space and our planet.

November 11: SUGAR & FAT: the mythos, the reality, and strategies to survive the holidays.

December 9: FLOW, DON’T FORCE: how Ease supports us to meet our goals.


No need to register in advance, just show up in our Yoga Soup lobby, and bring a pen!


With a foundation in holistic, heart-based nourishment, Britta assists her clients to align body and spirit. An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified yoga teacher and essential oil educator, her path is rooted in the wonderment of nature and the wisdom of our physical bodies.

Also a musician & dancer, she believes wholeheartedly in the power of sound, movement, and stillness, and weaves this potent medicine into all her offerings.

Working with clients to achieve their aspirations of personal transformation, her goal is to empower and guide others towards an embodied lifestyle of joy and fulfillment, grounded in daily practices that feed us on all levels.