High Vibration Breathwork

High Vibration Breathwork

with Jenn Parma
Friday, January 17 / 7-9:30pm
$35 in advance / $40 day-of

Come bathe in the vibrational sounds of various medicine songs, crystal singing bowls and chimes.  This class will activate your energy body and bring balance to your chakras through breath-work, toning, movement and positive affirmations.  This journey will raise your vibration, moving our stuck emotions, disempowering beliefs, and old stories; creating space for deeper connection to your higher Self.  Moving your into the vibration of LOVE!

This is a breathing system meant to clear the physical body of blocked stuck or lower vibration energy at the cellular level  . You will learn how to utilize a Full, Free and Flowing breath to raise your vibration and embody your highest potential.

Benefits can include:

*Deepen a spiritual connection

*Move out stress and anxiety issues

*Release old stories and disempowering beliefs

*Increase intuition and clarity

*Healing on emotional, energetic, mental and physical layers

*Make room for creative energy to awaken and flow

*Experience expanded states of consciousness


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Jenn Parma  nature lover, traveler, spiritual and wellness coach. Yoga and Meditation and Breath-work have been miracles in her life and taught her to truly love all of herself; her ever changing physical body, emotional body, energetic body and true essence. She continues to delve deep into exploration of Self and a remembrance of her Soul, an emergence of her Higher Self.  It is through her own personal journey that she has been called to hold sacred space for others to receive the healing and sweet connection to essence of who they are. It is her heart-felt desire to serve humanity by being a guiding light on the path to spiritual wellness using the multitude of healing modalities and practices that she has learned. Jenn has studied with many renowned yoga teachers, healers, spiritual leaders, reiki masters and wellness professionals and has been offering yoga, meditation, reiki, chakra balancing and healing sessions in the Santa Barbara area, Retreats around the world and transformational festivals since 2011.

Her passion and love for nature and Mother Earths healing powers has led her to offering Adventure Retreats.  Bringing these practice of Self discover and healing into different Sacred places on this Earth has been a great gift. 

You can learn more about Jenn at www.parmawellness.com

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Instagram: @Parmawellness

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