Healing our Bodies’ Buried Stories

Healing our Bodies’ Buried Stories

with Yemaya Renuka Duby
Saturday, December 8 / 1-6pm
$75 in advance / $95 day of

A somatic journey to the heart of the matter…

Calling in bodyworkers, yoga lovers, and all of us with a passion for freedom and full embodiment to join Yemaya Renuka Duby— Somatic Bodyworker, Yoga and Dance Instructor, Performance Artist— in this experiential, hands-on workshop.

Yemaya is coming back to Yoga Soup with the extended version of last May’s Healing our Bodies Buried Stories, this time for a 5-hour experience providing participants to deepen their inner healing experience as well as practitioners of the healing arts, coaches and yoga instructors to access unique and powerful tools to bring back to those they serve.

Based on Bones of Freedom – Somatic Bodywork, the Rosen Method and Dance as Medicine, infused with Yemaya’s strong Aloha, sense of humor and compassion for our human experience, you will have a chance to “pop open” and land into a place of grace, no matter what you bring to the table.

This work’s purpose is to help us remember our ability to feel, which has been put away through our coping mechanisms from childhood to adulthood.

As we reacquaint ourselves with our genuine feelings and emotions, we open a pathway to physical and emotional health; we are able to access our innate genius zone and free ourselves from the weight of past conditioning. Choices unavailable before become apparent and we are able to create purposeful lives, aligned relationships and stand as powerful change agents in the world.

During this full afternoon together we will learn:

– How we use our muscles tensions to store feelings and protect ourselves, diminishing our capacity for movement – physical, emotional, mental.
– How to read bodies to track where the secret door is and how to approach the door so that it opens and reveals the hidden treasures.
– How to use language to instill trust and gently guide us to drop deeper and find the pure connection between our body, our mind, our heart and soul, our past and our present.
– How to use touch and movement to organically unwind what has kept us bound up and how to infuse courage and magic back into our lives. Benefits:
– In-depth understanding of the Oceanic Wave of Healing.
– Miracle healing and personal Aha moments.
– New understanding to apply to your practice as a Therapist, Bodyworker, Coach, HR professional.

Our tools:
– Story sharing, Bodywork demo, Bodywork exchange, Circle time, Dance as Medicine, Guided Meditation, Qi Gung.


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Yemaya is an Intuitive Kinesthetic Empath with over 25 years of practice and expertise in the Healing Arts, Somatic Therapy, Trauma Release Work, Eastern and Western Spirituality, Yoga, Dance, Community Development and the Performing Arts. You can read more about her and her offerings at:


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