Gods and Goddesses Week

Gods and Goddesses Week

with Kelly Heath
Tuesday -Saturday, Sept 5-9 / 7-9:30PM
$208 before August 28, $258 after

Gods and Goddess of Vedic literature are often looked upon as external deities, when in fact we are all embodiments of the divine. When these archetypical states of consciousness are expressed through us, we become capable of extraordinary accomplishments. Through study of mythology, asana practice, mantra and contemplation we strive to awaken these qualities within ourselves.

Each day is devoted to a new Deity:
Ganesh: Earth- Clearing Obstacles
Lakshmi: Water- Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance, Enoughness
Durga: Fire-Fierce Compassion
Hanuman: Air-Great Devotion
Shiva: Space-Creation and Destruction

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Kelly Heath is a senior certified Janet Stone and Baptiste yoga teacher, 500hr++ERYT, former studio owner and devoted mama. She was first drawn to the physical (asana) practice almost 20 years ago. After teaching for more than 16 years, today she is equally as inspired to offer back the many nourishing yoga practices that help to create clarity, groundedness, fluidity, space, wholeness and equanimity in our whole being. www.kellyheath.com

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