Ghost Flower: 5-part class series

Ghost Flower: 5-part class series

with Ghost flower
Wednesdays | 6:55 -8:25 pm
March 14 – April 11
$20 per class / $80 for series (for 5 sessions)

Ghost Flower has created a class series to help you deepen your knowledge of your Energy Network.

Ancient Chinese Medicine has provided us with a roadmap of the body, consisting of a vast, interconnected, energy network made of channels and points. By using the visual cues of the energy channels and points woven into our apparel, we will show you how to tune into your energy network, and help you experience the power of activating these pathways and communication centers.

Organized by the transformational powers of the 5 Elements, learn how to move along the channel lines and amplify your own practice. Enliven your yoga postures, engage your energy network, experience dynamic movements, and find acupressure points.

Ghost Flower wants to empower you to take charge of your health and vitality.

Classes in series:
03/14 Metal Flow w/ Bonnie
03/21 Points and Tonics w/Nell
03/28 Wood Flow w/ Kaita
04/04 Face Points & Masks w/ Nell
04/11 Earth Flow w/ Luca

Metal Flow
Aspire to a higher self March 14 with Bonnie: Focus on the Metal Element will guide you to clear out in order to refine. Metal Energy Channels are found in the upper body, we will focus on moving our shoulders and chest in this GF Flow class.

De-Stress and Sleep Well Points and Tonics March 21st with Nell
Restore by exploring the healing art of acupressure. In this class you will learn how to press key potent points on your body that can help you to relieve stress, promote a more easeful existence, and achieve deeper, more restorative sleep.

Wood Flow
Good Plans Unburden the Mind March 28th with Kaita: Activating the Wood Element helps demonstrate that planning ahead can provide flexibility as needed. The Wood Flow focuses on moving beyond a place of stiffness to emerging into being malleable and strong.

Fountain of Youth, Points and Masks April 4th with Nell
Pamper yourself with a nourishing facial mask made from natural and organic ingredients. Activate key acupressure points that will increase energy flow and blood circulation, release tension and improve the tone in your facial muscles.

Earth Flow
Earth April 11th, I have Everything I Need with Luca: The GF Earth flow is designed to move you into a place of feeling grounded. A shift in perspective may be all you need to assure you that you can feel nourished and balanced.

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Ghost Flower fuses fashion, science and movement, a brand with a different take on active wear that’s truly focused on wellness. Rooted in Chinese Medicine, California-based Ghost Flower wants to empower people to take charge of their health and vitality. Our beautiful apparel is inspired by nature with design details to map your energy channels. Our movement flows help you activate your energy channels to renew your body and help you feel amazing.  Ghost Flower offers tools and education to understand your body and its energy network.