From Trauma to Embodied Wisdom

From Trauma to Embodied Wisdom

with Yemaya Renuka Duby
Saturday, April 6 / 2-4 PM

Become the alchemist of your own life story and turn childhood adversity and family dysfunctions into your greatest gift.

How do we free our hips? Release our diaphragm? Open our chest? Soften our neck muscles?
And in the same time master our sensuality? Stand in our power? Feel the subtleties of our heart and find our voice in the world?

In this 2-hour Intro Workshop participants will have the chance to deepen their understanding of how our childhood adversity and family dysfunctions live in our bodies and restrain our physical and emotional movement.
We will play with Somatic Touch, Qi Gung, dance as medicine, and a guided visualization to start unwinding the impact of the past and strengthen our healing community.

Come in clothes you can move in.

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Yemaya is an Intuitive Kinesthetic Empath with over 25 years of practice and expertise in the Healing Arts, Somatic Therapy, Trauma Release Work, Eastern and Western Spirituality, Community Development and the Performing Arts. As a transformational mentor, longtime community visionary, soulful embodiment midwife, she thrives in supporting passionate Earth lovers and entrepreneurs to align with their purpose and power in protection of the Earth’s beauty.

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