From Abandonment to Empowered Love

From Abandonment to Empowered Love

with Yemaya Renuka Duby
Saturday, June 15 / 2-4 pm

Most trauma specialists agree that early childhood abandonment is one of the longest journeys of recovery into wholeness.
In this time together Yemaya Renuka Duby, psychosomatic bodyworker and teacher, childhood adversity survivor and advocate, offers her approach of Mentoring to the Heart of the Matter, to dismantle the obstacles to deep self-love and empowered relationships.

We are now exploring the realms of the 2nd, 4th and 7th Chakra, our connection to our blood mother, to our primary caretaker and to our Source, Life, Spirit, God/Goddess. Our trust and mistrust per regard to those relationships.

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Participants will have the chance to experience and witness powerful healing touch, move with Qi Gong and connect with themselves in new and healing ways.

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