French-English Social Exchange

French-English Social Exchange

with Auna Salomé & Lora Amber
Sunday, July 21 / 7-8:30 PM
$12 in advance / $15 day-of

A playful and interactive way to practice your conversational skills in French and/or English.

Participants spend 5 minutes speaking French, then 5 minutes speaking English with their partner and then rotate around the circle to the next partner. An enriching experience guaranteeing spontaneous connections, good times, and improved speaking abilities!

Facilitated by Auna Salomé, French Instructor, and Lora Amber, English Instructor.

Open to all skill levels.

Pre-registration mandatory for an even ratio of French and English speakers.

To register click here. 

Une façon ludique et interactive de mettre en pratique vos compétences de conversation en français et/ou en anglais.

Les participants passent 5 minutes à parler français, puis 5 minutes à parler anglais avec leur partenaire, et ensuite tourne autour du cercle jusqu’au partenaire suivant. Une expérience enrichissante garantissant des connexions spontanées, de bons moments et une amélioration de la communication linguistique!

Animé par Auna Salomé, monitrice de français et Lora Amber, monitrice d’anglais.

Ouvert à tous les niveaux de compétence.

Pré-inscription obligatoire pour une proportion égale de francophones et d’anglophones. Veuillez envoyer un e-mail à précisant votre langue parlée, pour confirmer votre inscription.

Please email your spoken language to confirm registration.

Auna Salomé was born in Strasbourg, France, of a Hungarian father and French Caribbean mother. She grew up on the French island of Guadeloupe and speaks French, English, Creole and Spanish, as well as some Portuguese and Hungarian. Auna offers one-to-one and group Conversations Françaises in Santa Barbara, CA. A multidisciplinary creator and writer, she has a passion for travelling and bridging cultures.

Lora Amber is an avid traveler and lover of the world. She spent a year working in France and fell in love with the French culture. She is a certified English language teacher, and has worked in classroom settings and one on ones with students of all ages. Lora knows the importance of focusing on conversation skills in language learning as the key to exploration and fun!
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