First Fridays Ecstatic Dance

First Fridays Ecstatic Dance

Friday, January 4 / 7-9:30 pm

A barefoot, substance-free, live DJ get-down dance party.

Contact Improv Warm-Up from 7-8pm, ecstatic dance 8-9:30pm.

The music for the ecstatic dance will loosely follow an ecstatic dance “wave” with slow and mellow music building to chaotic intensity and then returning to stillness at the end.

Our guidelines for the dance:
1. We move however we wish.
2. No drugs or alcohol are permitted.
2. We don’t speak on the dance floor.
3. We respect ourselves and the people around us.

We are creating a safe space where everyone is welcome.

Take a meditative inward movement journey, dance and connect with other awesome people, get some exercise, or just to throw off your shoes and get down on a Friday night!

All proceeds from Friday Night Ecstatic Dance will he donated to a local charity to support our community.

Join us for the first Friday each month!

To register click here.

January DJ: Aaron Musicant 

Aaron Musicant has been involved in ecstatic dance for ten years.  He completed the Ecstatic Dance Leadership Training in Oakland in 2016 and has since been facilitating and DJing the First Fridays Ecstatic Dance in Santa Barbara, as well as DJing for Santa Barbara Dance Tribe.














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