Financial Workshop

Financial Workshop

with Tim Thomas
Saturday, September 1 / 2-3pm
This is a free event

Join us in the Yoga Soup Lobby for an in depth conversation about personal finance and discover how to navigate the investment options offered by the financial services industry.

Are you planning for retirement or just for a rainy day?
Do you need a financial advisor and if so how much do they cost?
What are the best investment options?

Join us for Answers and discussions around these and other questions.

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Tim is an Independent Advisor Representative at Hoey Investments with over 25 years of experience in the investment industry. Prior to this position, he worked in a variety of roles including consultant to the Bank of New York’s investment platforms, branch manager and Director of Service and Operations at Lockwood Financial, and as a specialist clerk on the New York Stock Exchange. In recent years, Tim has worked as a financial coach and consultant on financial strategy for small companies and nonprofits. Tim also teaches yoga in Santa Barbara.

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