Feel Good Naked!

Feel Good Naked!

with Britta Gudmunson
Satruday, November 9 / 3-5pm
$15 in advance / $20 day-of


A surprising strategy for loving your body, your food and your life.

What comes up for you when you think about being naked?

Most people focus (often obsessively) on how they look naked, disregarding how they actually feel in their physical bodies. This is huge mistake leads towards the ego and away from truly thriving in body, mind and spirit.

In this unorthodox approach to health, fitness and body image, you’ll uncover a delightful, life-changing method to finding and maintaining your ideal body weight, having more energy that you dreamed possible and feeling radiant in your own skin.

A few of the gems you’ll unearth include…

– The real goal you need to focus on in order to feel fantastic in your body (Hint: it’s not about the number on the scale)

– Why “exercise” is a total turnoff, and how to find pleasure in moving your body (and burning fat as a lovely side effect!)

– How (and why) to befriend your food and ditch fad diets forever

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There will be no nudity in this class 🙂

Britta is a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach. She supports folks who practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to stress less, gain energy, weigh what they want, and live fully. Britta offers private and group programs for health & lifestyle coaching as well as vocal coaching. Her free guided Morning Water Meditation combines sound healing with mindful eating to create a morning ritual that will melt stress, detox your body and fill you with gratitude. Slow down and begin your day by practicing mindfulness in your kitchen and beyond!

Get the meditation here: http://brittagreenviolet.com/freegift/

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