Featured Teacher Interview with Kara Rosenthal

Featured Teacher Interview with Kara Rosenthal

I grew up in Santa Monica, California. I used to dance and play sports, and I ran a lot when I was in high school and college. At the University of Miami, I became obsessed with being skinny and I moved my body a lot so I wouldn’t gain weight. After a while my body broke down to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore. I tried yoga and it helped me on my path to self love. The hardest thing for me with yoga was slowing down. Yoga is introspective, and in the beginning I wasn’t ready to face what was arising in me emotionally when I practiced.

After college I moved to New York to be an actress. Living the life of auditioning, bartending to make a living, and drinking lots of coffee led to me developing severe anxiety. When I didn’t know where to turn, again, it was yoga that helped me find my way through. I moved home and started to do a lot of power yoga. I overdid it and developed bursitis in my shoulder and was forced once again to slow down. I couldn’t do down dog for what seemed like two years! It was a blessing in disguise because it was my catalyst into the more subtle healing aspects of yoga.

When I consider what I love most about yoga, it’s the spiritual component. I believe our answers come from within, and it’s nice to take the time to listen for them…or to just ask the questions.

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2006. I taught at Yoga Soup in 2010 then have been teaching here again since 2014. One of the ways I set the tone for my classes is through music. I usually start and end with nature sounds or instrumental music, and I’ll play some mellow tunes with words somewhere in the middle. My latest favorites are “Bad” by Luka Bloom, “Timshel” by Mumford and Sons, “Dark Water and Stars” by Natural Calamity, “Sparks” by Coldplay, “Necta (Butterfly)” by Sashaman and “With or Without You” by Scala and Kolacny Brothers.

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