Exploring Grief in the Body

Exploring Grief in the Body

with Monique Minahan
Saturday, March 14 / 2-4:00 pm
$30 in advance/ $35 day-of 

This workshop begins where Monique’s Grief In The Body workshop leaves off. 
Equipped with an understanding of how sensation and emotion move through the body, embodied anchors, and freedom to proceed in whatever way feels safest, this workshop is more about exploring than explaining.
It’s an opportunity to inquire deeper into your own body, find embodied safety, support, and uncover innate resources, insights, and your unique next step inward or onward.
The tools of trauma-informed movement, mindfulness, insightful questions and conscious listening invite you to welcome your grief however it shows up. We will practice leaning safely into sensation, explore the power of the voice and community, and support our body’s tremendous efforts to bear up under the weight of grief.
This workshop includes slow, full-body movement. Bring a yoga mat.

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Monique Minahan is a writer, mother, yoga teacher, and author of The Grief Practice. She uses science, story and yoga to validate grief in the body. She has years of experience teaching yoga to grieving humans and blends an understanding of emotions science, movement science, and trauma – as well as her own intimate understanding of grief – into classes that honor the innate healing ability of every human being and every human body.

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