Ecstatic Dance: Uncensored

Ecstatic Dance: Uncensored

Friday, July 19 / 8-10 PM

This is an ecstatic dance like any other in that its a consensual, safe space for people to move and dance however they wish, there is no talking on the dance floor, and no alcohol is allowed. However, in this dance we will be getting down and dirty, with no censoring of language in lyrics or message. This will be an ecstatic dance with no pretenses of being sacred. But rather one where we connect to the profane, dark, unholy places inside of us and in our dance so that we remember that getting dirty on a Friday night is no less sacred than your kundalini meditation retreat.

Our guidelines for the dance:
1. We move however we wish.
2. No drugs or alcohol are permitted.
2. We don’t speak on the dance floor.
3. We respect ourselves and the people around us.

We are creating a safe space where everyone is welcome.

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