November Ecstatic Breathing

November Ecstatic Breathing

with Eddie Ellner
Saturday, November 30 / 7:00 pm
$35 in advacne/ $40 day-of

A few minutes of gentle yoga followed by an hour of breathing. The process itself could not be simpler: one lies on their back and breathes to a selection of music designed to accelerate and amplify the breathe. This induces what can most accurately be called a non-ordinary state of consciousness. From that point on many claims are made but the experience itself will provide it’s own meaning and insight.

An incredible tool to know is at one’s immediate disposal. Refreshments served, with time afterwards for conversation and silence.

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::: Don’t eat anything heavy for several hours prior.

::: Bring a pillow for comfort.

::: This workshop is not open to pregnant women or folks suffering from severe heart conditions.

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