Contemplations by Eddie

Contemplations by Eddie

Hi Everyone,

 A very famous yoga teacher assured me the infrastructure of my body was set in place, it was what it was and I needed to accept it’s limitations.

I had heard it before:  everything is perfect. Celebrate what is!

So … if someone is beaten because of their race or unable to vote because of their gender I should … celebrate what is?

Yoga is a practice of social activism. It changes the world by changing our outlook by exposing our own internalized blockages.

The build-up of scar tissue and dense fascia inside the body restricts movements with the power of a really dumb belief. The belief is so strong it overtakes our ability to think and move.

It’s frustrating to be at the mercy of an inhabiting influence that offends and corrupts life.

It takes great force to remove scar tissue, whether it’s in your lineage, workplace, country or hamstrings. Much harder than we think. 

When you look in the mirror it’s easy to see what needs attention. What’s harder to address are the things right in front of us we don’t want to see.  It’s hard to have a different conversation than the one we’re used to having.

An honest inquiry is the heartbeat of yoga practice and social justice. Ask others what they see. Be willing to change your beliefs. If we really want to change the world let’s work hard and first on ourselves.