Confections of a Sugar Addict with Eddie Ellner

Saturday, September 19th / 7pm

You’re invited to join me for an evening of inspired storytelling.

I recently spent ten silent days in the Peruvian jungle so I might, to paraphrase Thoreau, transact some private business with the fewest possible obstacles.

I lived with the plants and insects, fish, reptiles and birds, and drank in their healing medicine in an environment mostly free of human intervention.

I returned feeling its my turn to take the cosmic mic and share a few things I’ve discovered along my stumbling and bumbling soon-to-be 55-year old way.

I’m calling the evening “Confections of a Sugar Addict.” and September 19th will mark the opening and closing performance. One show only. One show ever.

It’s a performance because I’ll be sharing stories from the life of a character named Eddie Ellner. When I first unknowingly set out upon the healing path I was told, emphatically, to let go of stories, especially the ones that no longer serve me.
Good advice certainly but only if you have access to the stories you need to release. You have to know you’re carrying a backpack full of stones before you can set it down. Otherwise you might mistake it for the way things are.

One thing I’ve discovered about stories is that we ignore them and indulge them at our own peril. To know when and where to inquire and when to stop is an art, a science and a crapshoot full of grace.

This will be an evening of honoring the unique wave of my story, to show
and tell it in front of my friends, before it folds back into the ocean of mystery.

You are, by the way, my friend. Even if we haven’t met, or you don’t like me, we’re friends. We’e hurtling through space together, wondering how best to navigate, sharing recipes along the way, mirroring our complications, fears and solutions.
After I’ve had my say, we’ll stretch a bit, ecstatic breathe a bit and then CELEBRATE, a lot. Delicious food, tasty beverages, dancing dancing, special potions, decadent desserts. Music. Friends.


Saturday, September 19th, 7 p.m. Yoga Soup.


That weekend we’ll be putting most of Yoga Soup up for sale, to make room for the next phase that wants to happen.

Come browse and perhaps take a piece of our beautiful studio home with you.

Much Love,

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