Chris Wiedmann

Chris Wiedmann

Tai chi / Tues, Thurs 9am

Chris has been practicing martial arts for nearly forty years in the Santa Barbara area and has operated his own school, The Wu Shu Studio. He is ranked a 7th-degree black belt in the Kenpo Karate system, and in his classes he incorporates the graceful, soft movements of Tai Chi. He also shares his personal “feel” for the art, and eclectic philosophies from his years of practice, study, experience, and teaching. Currently he teaches at Tai Chi at the Wu Shu Studio, the Montessori Center School, and the Santa Barbara Athletic Club. He makes sure to provide plenty of friendly guidance and clear communication.

Tai Chi is a moving meditation; it is an excellent compliment to seated meditation and Yoga. It is the soft end of the spectrum of Kung Fu (hard work) training. Its focus is on internal strength, or cultivation of Chi (life force). Tai Chi is also considered a martial art, as the movements all relate to self-defense techniques.

Tai Chi is practiced for its health benefits including balance, sensitivity, relaxation, circulation, stress reduction, mindfulness, propreoception, and graceful, flowing, harmonious movement with nature.

When Chris asks students why they practice Tai Chi, they always say the same thing: “because it feels good!”