Breath Work and Gong Healing

Breath Work and Gong Healing

with Alison McKelvie Klaus
Sunday, October 2 / 3-5pm

$25 in advance / $30 day-of

Participants will be guided in ancient two-stage Pranayama Yoga (breath work) followed by a relaxing gong session. The breath work is a wonderful tool for opening the heart and connecting with your true essence. The gong is incredible at helping to move the old stuck energy out and open the channels for positive energy to flow into the body. The combination of the the two is blissful.  

This breath work is an active meditation that will gently return you into the source of who you are. This simple breathing technique opens the flow of universal energy into your body so that you can clear out old, stuck, negative energy. Enjoy the feeling of lightness and freedom that self-love brings.

Discover your beauty, your power, and your true essence!

You will leave this workshop with the knowledge to continue using this breathing technique as a healing tool in your daily life.
You will learn tools to help you let go of your fears, anxieties and judgments, instead drawing in more acceptance, gratitude and love into your life.

We will gather in community to set our intentions for the healing before the breathing meditation.
What old patterns are you ready to weed out? What seeds of self-love are you willing to water and nurture to grow?

Alison creates a safe space for people to open up and let go of what is no longer serving them. With the use of visualizations, music, essential oils, flute and singing bowls she provides the container for you to journey into your self. Once you learn this breathing technique you can practice it on your own and continue to use it as a healing tool.

Bring (optional): pen, notebook, Blanket, yoga mat, eye pillow or scarf, stones to hold


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Alison McKelvie Klaus loves guiding her clients in this breathwork because she has experienced first hand the healing powers of this breathing technique. The breath work opened her up to connect with her essence and soul in a profound way, connecting her with the Divine that is within.

Alison has completed all of the healer trainings with the world-renowned healer David Elliott. She has also studied and trained with healer Michael Brian Baker.

For over a decade Alison has studied yoga and Pranayama extensively in India and completed Yoga Teacher training with Francisco Kauit, she is a certified aromatherapist with Wisdom of the Earth essential oils.

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