Breath-work and Cacao Ceremony

Breath-work and Cacao Ceremony

with Blake Spencer + Hana Pepin
Friday, September 27/ 7-9:30pm
$35 in advance / $40 day-of

Our prayer for you is to regain a sense of aliveness through ritual, ceremony, cacao medicine and breath-work.
In honor of our ancestors and our children’s children let us celebrate this potent time following the Fall Equinox.

We invite you to a Breathwork Gathering & Cacao Ceremony
The Fall Equinox is a potent time to reflect on our years harvest and honor the cycles of Life, Growth, Death, & Rebirth. Within this container we will take some time to create gratitude for what was grown, reflect on what seeds bloomed and thrived and which ones didn’t as an opportunity to learn from our failures and mistakes. We will also get clear on what we need to cultivate this fall season to best prepare us for the darkness of winter.

Breath work is an ancient healing modality used to release stuck energy, pain, discomfort, and trauma stuck within the physical and emotional bodies. This two-part breath specifically works at awakening the kundalini energy at the base of the spine and opening the heart chakra to its fullest potential of unconditional love. Breath medicine is extremely effective at connecting us to our space of higher consciousness.

What is Cacao?
“Sacred Cacao, aka pure raw chocolate, is a natural plant medicine that heightens your perception, opening your heart, energy channels, and intuitive faculties. It is a sacred plant medicine used by the indigenous peoples of the Central Americas for thousands of years to connect with the divine frequency of love within one’s own heart and all of the universe. It expands and raise your consciousness by allowing you to see and feel more connection, inspiration, love, and clarity in your life. “- The Cacao Priestess

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Blake Spencer is a breath facilitator helping fellow humans connect to the innate wisdom within. She sees the Earth as a reflection of the inner landscape and believes that through the healing of the body we can heal the Earth. She encourages deep listening and holds space for others to find their own unique truth and path to wholeness. She invites each of us to work with and trust our bodies as a map for our souls guidance.

Hana Pepin has been hosting cacao ceremonies throughout the west coast for the past four years. She believes in nature’s reciprocity and shares the medicine of cacao for all beings who wish to embody a holistic way of living to cultivating self-love, trust, awareness and spiritual inquiry.

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