Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Breaking News: Two murderers still on the run after escaping from a high security prison in upstate New York.

These are not good guys wrongly convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. These are ruthless killers, dangerous, on the loose, a threat to innocent people unlucky enough to cross their paths.

And I’m rooting for them.

I’m not rooting for them to hurt anyone, of course.

The part of me rooting for them is always rooting for people to break free of whatever prison they find themselves in. Some are locked up behind bars. Others are trapped in jobs and relationships, addictions and ways of being that feel every bit as confining as if they were in solitary confinement. The imprisoned feelings of those of us not behind bars are more lamentable. As Rumi wonders, “why do we stay in jail when the doors are wide open?”

Why indeed?

Our hearts soar whenever someone, through decisive action, exclaims NO MORE: I will not tolerate this anymore,

When asked how they did it the answer is usually: Because I couldn’t not do it.

Sometimes the prison is, to all appearances,. quite nice. The kind of prison other people would love to be in, and other people’s attraction to it lends your prison a false appeal you get attached to. Why would I give something up that everyone else wants, admires and loves?

Because it’s &*%$ing killing me.

I know people imprisoned by their relationship, attached to how long they’ve been together, or by how others perceive them. Imprisoned by the fear of living differently than they’ve grown used to.

We cling to what we know, and behave in ways that will protect the world we believe we need in order to survive.

We’re in awe of the bear that chews off its own paw to to untrap itself, From the rock climber who cuts off his hand to save his life. The price of freedom often feels like death.

The life of a yogi, a true adventurer, a lover of truth and reality is always one of death and rebirth, death and rebirth. Our losses teach us over and again that new life awaits beyond the fear of loss.

It’s not mandatory that every day contain an earthquaking upheaval of deeply held beliefs — but the good ones often do. I hope you have a good one today. I hope it includes some heartbreak hot enough to thaw out what’s frozen and revive what’s dead inside you. I hope today’s the day you become the killer — and kill the attachment to a story that isn’t you but feeds inside your body like a parasite. I hope you’re taken by something you hadn’t anticipated, something that can illuminate in God Bright Neon how upside down your thinking has been and it doesn’t have to be that way.

I wish you love.