Becoming Sangoma: an African Journey

Becoming Sangoma: an African Journey

with Freddie
Saturday, May 4 / 7-8 pm
By Donation

There are many paths to personal spiritual practice. Being chosen ‘by the Bones’ is the way of the sangoma.

Frederich became sangoma in Botswana, Africa, through the indigenous initiation of thwaasa, which she recorded photographically. These rare images are presented via a narrated slideshow followed by open discussion regarding thwaasa and the intriguing divination medium called ‘Throwing the Bones’.

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Freddie’s Bone Throw sessions and her approach to addressing personal
spiritual crises for her clients are based on her own African field
experiences and training which reflect the healing traditions of Tswana,
Zulu, Venda and Shangaan cultures. She has given a lifetime of study to
understanding how to successfully address the wide range of personal
spiritual anomalies that can occur for individuals who live in modern
western cultures.

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