Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

with Dr. Rachel Alioto, NMD
Sunday, October 6 / 2-3:30 PM
$25 in advance / $30 day-of

Have irregular or heavy periods? Feeling fatigued? Not performing like you used to? Balance your hormones so you can have great energy, have regular and pain-free periods, improve performance and live life the way YOU want!

Do you want to approach your hormonal imbalances in an integrated and individualized way? This class will help explain the various causes of your imbalanced hormones and periods, while also discussing natural ways to support your hormone health that you can begin changing today. If you have hormonal imbalances, painful or heavy periods, if you’re on the pill or have acne and you want to get to the bottom of your symptoms, this is the class for you.

You’ll learn about a range of hormone balancing options that address common health problems among women and men of all ages and activity levels. Various hormones, ranging from sex hormones, thyroid hormones, stress hormones, etc. are altered by disruptions in our sleep and wake cycles, changes in our stress response, environmental factors, exercise patterns and dietary and nutritional deficiencies, amongst others. With hormone disrupting chemicals ever present in today’s food, cosmetics and water achieving hormonal optimization is an increasingly allusive challenge for most people.

In this interactive class, Dr. Alioto will help you identify the root cause of your symptoms, teach you how your diet and lifestyle impacts your hormone health and give you support on how to use natural remedies and supplements to support healthy hormones.

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Dr. Rachel Alioto is a Licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) who specializes in Pediatrics, Gastrointestinal and Skin Health, Adjunctive Oncology and Hormone Imbalances. She earned her 4-year doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine at National University of Health Sciences in Illinois, one of seven accredited naturopathic medical schools in North America. She takes the time to listen and understand each patient’s unique condition in order to create a personalized treatment plan and treat by addressing the whole body. Her goal is to heal, teach and inspire each person to be an advocate for his or her own health. Dr. Alioto has a special passion for helping people reach an optimal level of health and working with patients of all ages, including infants. As a doctor, coach and athlete, she loves to stay physically active outdoors, in the gym and swimming pool as well as be educated about the latest research in medical science and nutrition. The medical world and caring for others had always intrigued her, however, throughout high school and college she struggled with severe stomachaches and weight loss that, despite all the testing, no medical doctor could figure out. Through her setback, she was inspired to find a more individualized and wholesome way of healing. This experience led her to Naturopathic Medicine, which soon became her passion. Dr. Alioto is excited to be back in her home state after practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Minnesota for 2 years.

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