Backbone Storytelling Showcase

Backbone Storytelling Showcase

with Jenna Tico of Backbone Storytelling
Saturday, October 12 / 5:30-9 PM

Backbone Storytelling Presents: Blood Is Thicker

Backbone Storytelling is a space to share the meaningful, moving, and mortal stories inspired by the place that we all have in common: a human body. Each showcase features stories that are as PHYSICAL as they are spiritual and emotional, and storytellers are encouraged to tell their tales through both spoken and nonverbal language. A monthlong “Call for Stories” yields a diverse array of submissions, and stories are hand-picked to represent the diversity, vulnerability, and truth associated with each theme. Join us for an evening of community, food, music, and personal tales told LIVE; which, among other things, is a fast-track to new connections. In the words of Mary Lou Kownacki: “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story.”

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Jenna Tico is a ninth-generation Santa Barbarian, storyteller, mischief maker, and student of change. When she is not getting weird on the Backbone stage, she can be found wrangling teenagers at AHA! and/or spreading the gospel of Contact Improvisation during Wednesday Movement Lab. Backbone is the fruit of a lifelong quest to till the rich intersection between dance and writing for transformation and growth, and Jenna is elated to bring it to the Yoga Soup family.
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