Awakening Earth Series: Resiliency, Courage and Sharing Our Gifts

Awakening Earth Series: Resiliency, Courage and Sharing Our Gifts

with Alexis Slutzky
Sunday, September 29 / 3-5PM

Awakening Earth Series — honoring the call of service and community

The future is uncertain. There are many who feel that full system collapse is imminent. Others, myself included, rest in the certainty of grief and loss, and beauty and love, as well as the possibility of transformation. It is true, already we are in the throws of collapse – extinction, depletion, deforestation, pollution, incarceration – and, we do not know what lies ahead. When we know someone we love is dying, the most natural and precious response is to love that person with our whole being, to be present with our full capacity so as not to miss a thing, to be generous and kind, truthful and real, and honoring of what has been as well as the mystery and holiness of endings. So it is in this time. This circle highlights what it means to show up with an open and brave heart, willing to be in reciprocity with life, taking the risks to reveal what we love.

Come together to unite in a shared context of our love for the world and common care for people and planet, to build connection and courage for bringing forth what is most alive in us in response to a world in need of repair. We all have unique gifts to share, as well as obstacles that often prevent us from our natural and full expression. We need community and containment to see and be seen and explore our basic humanity in these times.

This is a 4 month series, once a month, come to one or preferably all for a sequential arc of deepening

We will engage our love and heartbreak, questions of purpose and participation, and simple practices to listen to ourselves and each other. The theme will vary each month and the form will remain more or less the same.

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4 Workshops in the series
June: The Heart Broken Open
July: Belonging and the Trance of Separation
Aug: Hearing the Cries of the World
Sept: Resiliency, Courage and Sharing Our Gifts

Alexis Slutzky, MFTis a mentor, educator, guide and facilitator whose work supports cultural restoration through council, dream work, nature connection, grief tending, community ritual and conversation and rites of passage. Alexis holds a Master’s Degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute is Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University and offers programs, groups and one-on-one mentoring out of her private practice, Wild Belonging, and in affiliation with other organizations.

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