Awaken Your Energy: 3 pathways to Radiant Vitality in Mind, Body & Spirit

Awaken Your Energy: 3 pathways to Radiant Vitality in Mind, Body & Spirit

with Britta Gudmunson
Sunday, January 19th / 3-5pm

$15 in advance/ $20 day-of

Join holistic health & lifestyle coach Britta GreenViolet to learn a Jedi-approach to mastering and commanding your energy like never before!

In this energy masterclass, you’ll discover your unique equation to unlocking your full energetic potential— in your body, your emotions and your entire being.

You’ll discover…

  • The keys to cultivate awareness, alertness and awakeness in your physical body (from the moment you rise in the morning to the final moments of your evening)
  • The crucial practices for creating & maintaining a high vibration in your mood and staying emotionally energized (no matter what curveballs life throws your way)
  • The truth about energy and how to remove old blocks that are draining you (releasing the flood gate of your most potent life force!)
  • How to be not only awake, but vibrant (uplifting everyone around you!)

This is an experiential class– we’ll practice pranayama (breathwork), chanting and some light yoga (no mat required). Come prepared to take notes!


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Britta is a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach. She supports folks who practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to stress less, gain energy, weigh what they want, and live fully. Britta offers private and group programs for health & lifestyle coaching as well as vocal coaching. Her free guided Morning Water Meditation combines sound healing with mindful eating to create a morning ritual that will melt stress, detox your body and fill you with gratitude. Slow down and begin your day by practicing mindfulness in your kitchen and beyond!

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