Authentic Relating Games: Relational Attunement

Authentic Relating Games: Relational Attunement

with Damian Gallagher
Friday, February 21 / 7-9:30pm
$18 in advance / $25 day-of

Authentic Relating Games: How Me transitions into We.

In the relational field there is a Me and there is a We. The We space is the culmination of everyone in a given space. Each individual adds to the flavor of the “We space”. This brings us to me, or in this case YOU. What flavor are you bringing to every space that you are a part of? After all, what makes up a whole is it’s parts.

Come join us for an evening of exploration.

Space is limited & no admittance after 7:10pm.

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Damian thrives in the relational field. He feels that Authentic relating games have allowed him to push his edges and find deeper more meaningful ways to connect with himself and others. He teaches Yoga and Sound Healing. Damian facilitates Breath Work, Meditation, and Sound Healing workshops as well as private sessions. He can be reached at


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