Authentic Relating Games: Vulnerability

Authentic Relating Games: Vulnerability

with Jenny Calcoen and Damian Gallagher
Friday, June 14 / 7-9:30 PM
$18 in advance / $25 day-of

The power of vulnerability
How do you experience vulnerability?
How often are you rewarded with deeper connection when you are being vulnerable?

Do you find yourself mostly in first or second level type of conversations?

Level 1: Informational – simply a data exchange, no real intimacy, although you may find coincidences or overlapping circles of friends, interests, or background.

Level 2: Emotional/Personal — sharing our thoughts, feelings, desires about things that happened.

Level 3: Relational — engaging about what’s happening right now, in the moment, between us. It’s the most dynamic and rare form of conversation, providing the deepest connection. It’s what we practice at an Authentic Relating games night.

By “authentic” we mean that there is no cookie-cutter mold for how you should be or what relating should look like. Everyone is a complete universe unto themselves, has a unique style, personality, and integrity that is perfectly them, and everyone is perfect and amazing as they are (including their belief that they aren’t.)

Get to know yourself better while at the same time learning to see and appreciate more about everyone you connect with.

Join us for:
Laughter. Fun. Energy. More genuine connection. Excitement. Relief. Feeling alive and awake. Conversation beyond small talk. Play. New possibilities. New friends. Insights. Sparks. Challenges. Personal growth. Transformation.

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Jenny has spent over two decades as an executive in the corporate world in event management, finance, IT and family office roles. She has been coaching high performers from the corporate world, the arts and politics for 10 years. Her interest in Authentic Relating and Circling as a present moment practice started in 2015. Jenny is committed to practicing high vibration relational modalities in her community and beyond.



Damian thrives in the relational field. He feels that Authentic relating games have allowed him to push his edges and find deeper more meaningful ways to connect with himself and others. He teaches Yoga and Sound Healing. Damian facilitates Breath Work, Meditation, and Sound Healing workshops as well as private sessions. He can be reached at


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