Introductory Training in Mindfulness: A 3-Week Journey

Introductory Training in Mindfulness: A 3-Week Journey

with Tripti Mahendra
Mondays & Wednesdays / 7-8:30 pm
August 14th- August 30th

Why learn and practice Mindfulness?

In order to dedicate our valuable time and attention to any new endeavor, it is important we understand the purpose, the method, and the short and long term results.

The method is the teachings of Mindfulness offered in this course. Some benefits of a Mindfulness practice include stress reduction, increased self-awareness, easing chronic pain, boosting immunity, deeper sleep, and shifting your relationship to negative emotions.

The purpose, however, must be personal.

What draws you to this practice?

The course will be a progression through the essential areas for mindful attention and investigation – embodiment, breath, working with difficult emotions and thoughts. The classes will meet twice a week over 3 weeks for 1.5-hours.  The course is offered as a whole and cannot be taken as individual units.

There will be an audio only recording of each class that can be requested if you have to miss a class.

*This series has a 10-student minimum.
In the case of not enough participants, registered students will be notified the week of the training and all charges will be refunded.

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Tripti began teaching yoga in 2008 after 18 years in corporate life. Her yoga practice began very early in her childhood and has been a source of ongoing support for her body, heart, and mind. She completed her initial 200-hour training at White Lotus in Santa Barbara and then went on to complete a 700-hour graduate level training with Sarah and Ty Powers. She was endorsed by them through the Insight Yoga Institute.

In her lifelong commitment to inner exploration and learning, she comes to her yoga mat and meditation cushion daily and also formally attends meditation retreats several times each year. She has also completed a year-long course of study with Mark Coleman and Martin Aylward and their Mindfulness Training Institute.