An Introduction to Connected Breathwork

An Introduction to Connected Breathwork

with Chantal Peterson
Sunday, December 8 / 7-9pm
$30 in advance, $35 day-of


Breathwork is one of the most effective and accessible healing tools that we have. It can be used for everyday clarity and inspiration, as well as for unearthing deep spiritual wounds. In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the powerful practice of Connected Breathwork. We begin with an introduction this technique, why it’s effective and how it differs from other breathwork techniques. We then move into a guided 45 minute breathwork practice. You’ll be guided gracefully into and out of the practice which is also anchored in a curated musical journey. The intention of this workshop is to give you the information to be able to bring this practice into your daily life at home, as well as have the chance to experience the power of this healing modality in a group setting, guided by a skilled practitioner.


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Chantal is a healer, writer and founder of the BodyLove project. She’s a long time yogi, certified massage therapist, a RYT Yoga Alliance certified Women’s Self Care practitioner and body positivity advocate. Chantal’s work is rooted in the art of harmonizing inner and outer life. There are many ways to heal and they all point to the heart and to shedding old skin in order to grow more into the true self. The courses and workshops she leads help people, and women in particular, recognize the need to honor and respect themselves in a much deeper, more holistic way. Powerful yet simple and accessible, the healing practices she offers are designed to empower each of us to come home to our bodies and our truth.


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