An Evening of Elemental Movement and Acupuncture

An Evening of Elemental Movement and Acupuncture

with Kaita Mrazek & Hannah Fries
Friday, June 28th / 7-8:30 pm
$35 in advance / $40 day-of

Take some time to unwind from your week. Kaita will guide you through movements designed to open energy channels mapped by Chinese medicine. Reflect with a meditation and some journaling, and receive community acupuncture from the loving and perceptive Hannah Fries. A mini-retreat in 90 minutes, allowing you to discard the old, and move into the weekend with renewed energy and intention.

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Kaita Mrazek’s extensive professional training allows her to integrate the best of many physical disciplines into an optimal approach to enhancing both mental and physical health. She is currently interested in the art of holding space for others. She is a founding member of Ghost Flower, a multi-faceted activewear brand inspired by Chinese medicine. She is also co-creator of the Ghost Flower Practice, a movement practice inspired by Chinese medicine, acupressure massage, and active stretching. /
Instagram: @kaitamrazek / @ghostfloweractive

Hannah Fries is a California-based licensed acupuncturist and herbalist (L.Ac.), as well as an Integrative Body Psychotherapy allied professional. She seeks to discover & alchemize the psycho-emotional and spiritual roots of dis-ease and dis-order in the physical body, in order to free her clients from the obstacles that interfere with their innate healing capacity.
Instagram: @friespirit

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