A Feast for Spirit

A Feast for Spirit

A sensory journey into the rituals of food, mindfulness and soul-full nourishment

with Britta Gudmunson
Saturday, July 20 / 3-7 pm
$40 in advance / $50 day-of

It’s been said that spirit eats beauty— in other words, spirit is attracted to intention, ritual, ceremony, and spaces where the sacred is acknowledged, honored and celebrated. And now, perhaps more than ever, we seek help from spirit to live fully; to feel fully; to be with one another fully; to not hide from life, but immerse ourselves in it completely.

Join holistic health and lifestyle coach Britta GreenViolet for this delicious, connective experience of nourishing yourself from the inside out and calling in the support you need to thrive.

We’ll lay out a feast for spirit; beautifying ourselves, our space and our practices. An exquisite brew of the senses, we’ll move from talking about mindful nourishment to actually experiencing it in community with our whole body, mind and heart.

Should you choose to join in this delectable merrymaking, here’s what to expect:
– A warm, welcoming, safe space to be expressed and connect with others
– Open-hearted, honest sharing about our relationships with food and our bodies
– Mindfulness techniques for stress relief, digestion, improved body image and a deeper appreciation for all that nourishes you
– Breath, dance, movement, song, mantra, and stretching practices to support the body’s digestion & integration of our collective ritual
– Closing circle to seal in the energy we’ve cultivated and the healing we’ve created for ourselves and others

*Participants are invited to arrive dressed in ceremonial clothes comfortable for feasting, moving, breathing and celebrating (doesn’t have to be fancy… just meaningful for you!)

*Several lower-priced scholarships are available for day-of exchange before and after the event! To inquire, email: britta@greenandviolet.com

To register click here.

Britta is a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach who supports those who practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to stress less, gain energy, weigh what they want, and live fully. She offers private and group programs for health & lifestyle coaching as well as vocal coaching. Her free guided Morning Water Meditation combines sound healing with mindful eating to create a morning ritual that will hydrate your body, melt stress from your being and deepen your relationship with the planet. Slow down and begin your day by practicing mindfulness in your kitchen and beyond!

Get the meditation here: http://brittagreenviolet.com/freegift/















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