Breath of Bliss

Breath of Bliss

with Christabel Zamor founder of Breath of Bliss Academy
Wednesday, June 19/ 7-9pm
$44 in advance / $55 day of

Explore air as plant medicine! A sacred breath ceremony to connect with your heart, higher self and soul. Breathe deep and remember: you’re an angel here on Earth to share your love with humanity.

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Our gathering includes connection practices and ecstatic dance to soften your heart, then we lie down for an hour-long visionary breath journey. Gain extreme self-awareness. Can you surrender to the Great Mystery that wants to happen through you, or do you resist? Liberate stuck emotions and welcome them as equally honored teachers, including anger, sadness, fear, sexual feelings, joy and more. Can you soften and welcome ALL of your humanity, including your mind, with unconditional love? Open to forgotten memories from past, future and parallel lifetimes. Connect with the Earth as well as cosmic realms of light. Discover for yourself how the simple power of connected breath can create miracles of consciousness. Includes crystal bowl sound healing. Bring journal.

Christabel Zamor, M.A., is the founder of Breath of Bliss Academy, a somatic mystery school sharing air as plant medicine to commune with the heart, higher self and soul. She has trained over 80 lightworkers around the world to facilitate ceremonies to help breathers feel more love. She has created a library of psychedelic guidied breath audios, done original brainmapping and breath research, headlines at festivals and has been featured in Time, O, Prevention, on Dr. Oz and more. Learn more at


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