3 Keys to Financial Freedom: Free Workshop

3 Keys to Financial Freedom: Free Workshop

with Sara Arredondo
Wednesday, October 30th / 7:15-8:25pm
This is a Free Event in the Yoga Soup Lobby

Learn financial skills and tools to transform your relationship with money so that it becomes an abundant, freeing, and positive force in your life. In this free workshop we’ll explore your initial money story, practical tools to overcome obstacles and understand the language of money, and how these are connected to your financial freedom.

Participants will come away from the workshop understanding both the inner and outer realms of how they relate to money. In the inner realms we will explore how their relationship with money is connected to their sense of self, wellness, and spirituality. We’ll then shift to exploring the outer realm of pragmatic tools, education, and money management; and understanding how these two are not separate but in fact very intimately connected.

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Sara has a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management with a focus in Financial Management and Leadership, and she grew up with a holistic worldview. Having experienced a profoundly transformational shift in her relationship with money over the past decade, she helps holistic health practitioners and entrepreneurs who love health, wellness, and spirituality to overcome obstacles, learn about financial literacy, and connect with the sacred power of money so they can live their most abundant life doing the work they love in the world.


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